iPhone 7 Digitizer + LCD Display Assembly Replacement Black

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iPhone 7 Digitizer + LCD Display Assembly Replacement Black

iPhone 7 Digitizer + LCD Display Assembly Replacement Black in Tauranga, Mt Maunganui & Papamoa | 15 Min Walk in Service | Authentic Apple Parts | Professional Service | Call 027 881 9834

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Behind the front glass panel there is a touch-responsive layer called the digitizer. The digitizer is stuck to the glass panel with strong adhesive. The glass and digitizer are laminated atop the LCD display. Usually, you will require this repair because the LCD and glass and digitizer assembly are all damaged. For $520.00 we install a new front panel, LCD display and digitizer. The service includes parts, installation, a 3-month warranty and return shipping. Disclaimer: The screen used is a high quality replica. The LCD display and digitizer are made by the same collaboration of manufacturers Apple uses. Other than cost, there are minor differences between OEM screens (after-market surplus) and official Apple screens. A key difference aside from the marked difference in price is the plastic frame that surrounds the display assembly. The plastic frames are fitted after-market. The replica may not fit exactly like the original, though: (i) the difference is aesthetic and barely noticeable to the naked eye (ii) the screen will not come out of the phone unless deliberately forced Using replicas makes replacing otherwise expensive screens both efficient and affordable. Genuine Apple replacements are significantly more expensive. Please enquire by calling 027 881 9834 for further information.
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